About Us


A Story of   trust

Generfid S.p.A. is authorised to provide “static” trust services, consisting of administering assets in its own name on account of third parties, with the Company granted a fiduciary mandate.

Generfid is a company of Banca Generali, a leading player in private banking in Italy capable of offering its clients the best strategies for effective financial planning.

Professionalism and expertise make Generfid a reliable partner able to ensure the utmost confidentiality and high standards of quality in administering your wealth decisions.

Generfid S.p.A. is registered in the separate section of the register pursuant to Article 106 of the Consolidated Law on Banking (TUB) as level 1 for anti-money laundering purposes. It is subject to supervision by the Bank of Italy to ensure compliance with the provisions of Legislative Decree No. 231/2007.

Generfid has adopted an organization and management model (MOG), the version of which is currently in place

Our values

As a part of Banca Generali, Generfid is a premiere partner in terms of discretion and professionalism, capable of offering its clients bespoke solutions designed to meet all specific investment needs and to develop wealth, while also operating through a network of professionals and highly expert Financial Advisors.

Generfid offers a range of instruments that can meet various needs and can thus serve:

Investors with financial portfolios and annuities, entrepreneurs or self-employed professionals, interested in having their assets or securities managed according to a customised approach with a particular focus on discretion;

Large family groups that require planning of the transfer of the ownership of company or family property in view of generational transfer.

Generfid guarantees


Within the limits of Italian tax and civil laws


Support with wealth management, through diversified services (investment and/or financial insurance services)


Management of family, business and corporate situations